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                 This post will try to elaborate on it. Being reactive vs being receptive. Distinction, marks our littoral zone. Away from roving, spasmodic, anxiousness of the sea.
So many things affect the sea.....the wind, the moon, the sun......endless. And sea like a teenager with a bunch of nerves keeps tossing and turning to every nuance. In contrast the littoral zone, takes it all in, the drubbing & the trouncing without a sigh. Its impressionability doesn't define its affectibility or becomes the reason for its identity. On contrary through sands of time(pun is so intentional) it keeps proving it's stability. Rather its non-nonchalance becomes its resume. Though attracted by the fitfulness of the sea everyone gravitates to the stable zone after playing along fo…

Sagacity.....Where do you live?

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....

                              It was like the Sun, throbbing, pulsating, radiating......................She couldn't help but heed it.  Her thoughts, speech and actions gravitated towards it. Helpless, powerless, up creek without paddle, purblindly she would dog her footsteps as dictated.

                             This sun of hers was a black-hole & also the reason for the light in her universe. It was powerful, imperious..... that which demanded complete submission. She felt like a mercury.... tiny....heaved into staying closer than others & bullied away to a distance with a threat of annihilation.

                             Mesmerized by it's behemothic, walloping structure at the very same moment aghast by it's ever consuming lethiferous nature.
 It was an incessant conversion of the two paradoxical virtues of  a singularity(sadness & happiness). And the rea…

Crochet summer top : Original free pattern

Crochet Summer Top

Intermediate Level
Ch: Chain Sl st: Slip stich Sc: Single crochet Cl: Cluster stich Rep: Repeat
Yo: Yarn over
Yarn size 3 light worsted weight yarn Hook size 3.5 mm E hook Needle Scissors

Top size: Large 48” length 22”
Row 1: ch 100. Turn ch1. Sc in second ch from hook all the way around. Turn rep *ch1 sc back loop only* Rep 2 more times. Turn your work Row 2: Pull the loop on the hook. * insert the hook in the next chain pull a loop * all the way around. There should be 100 loops. Turn your work Row 3: * Hold 5 loops on the hook yo and make sc * rep * ch 6 * rep all the way around. 20 loops made. Row 4: * ch 6 make sc in the first ch 6 space from previous row * rep till the end

Row 5 : sl st & cut the yarn

Row 6: * ch 100. Ch1 turn & sc in each ch all the way around. Turn & pull a loop. * Insert the hook in the next ch & pull a loop * all the way around. 100 loops. Row 7: Turn your work. * hold 5 loops on the hook yo & make a sc * *ch 6 * rep all the way around. …

This Is Us

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....

The skies stay grey here.....darkening sometimes, funneling.......storming.....
Water below catches the pageantry uneasiness as high tide....rises up, crashes
hard...frothing up as  rabid fangs. Ocean tries to mirror the reflection by turning into a metallic liquid  that looks menacing, uninhabitable....sequestered.

Sky is desolate & life in water quivers deeper to after day There are but only flickers of calmness..when the sky cracks up to let in the sunlight....encompassing the entire planet in gold. Water returns to it's candor of cerulean beauty...........................briefly.

Breathe, breathe, breathe...........take it in forcefully.....let it out slow.....abate it like a waning would have been conceivable only if it could have lasted for few best.

Passengers riding the boat have learnt the infernal dance of chthonian....only but to survive t…

The Littoral Zone

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....
Neither the ocean, nor a wave..                                                                  Thou art only a drop in the sea...                                                                  Although thine is a jouncy ride...                                                                  SERENITY defines ye .....

Just like waves...unceasing...back & forth....forceful at times & calmer other times...but persistent nonetheless....muddying the sand out, cleaning it on the way back in....relentless....endless...limitless

       Like a zombie apocalypse, marching towards you in numbers, making bovine noises....uhhhhhhhhhhhggggghhhh...while footslogging towards you...

....Benumbed either we fight or take a flight..all to no avail. This unconscious inclination has taught us but one thing that either way you lose. 
Try gashing zombie in the eye but it will strut, trot towards you.....…

The UniPrincess - 3rd in series LIFE IS MAGICAL

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....


           Once upon a time in a far away land lived a beautiful princess  named  Adalira.  Just like her name, she was very noble & kind. She was trained in the art of archery, horsemanship & jousting, besides being skilled in tapestry & tatting. She won many cross country tournaments in each prowess.
           She was well known for her golden locks, hazel eyes and integrity of all.  She was surrounded by riches and comfort but also was down to earth. She would never be rude to anyone. She would go out of her way to help her people. Her parents King Henry & Queen Elizabeth had taught her well.

            Just like the coin has two sides, virtue trails evil, wickedness
hounds kindness & wholesomeness runs down to loss. King Henry had
an evil brother William. He was not only greedy but jealous of his
brothers prosperity. He killed his brother to take over h…

Cayo the Change - 2nd in series LIFE IS MAGICAL

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....


 Cayo was a colorful, chubby, charming caterpillar. Beside being a chatterer, he was also a gobbler.  He ate till he couldn't move, and since he couldn't move he ate even more.
Mama Rue, the herb whose leaves he munched on, worried about him. Mama Rue always encouraged Cayo to keep moving by a gentle sway of her leaves & twigs. Cayo was a friendly caterpillar. He would banter with any one cruising through Mama Rue's station. Mama Rue would offer her special leaves to anyone who stopped by for chitter-chatter with joyful Cayo.

           One day Mr. Moth came meandering over Mama Rue. Mama Rue didn't like him a bit. Mr. Moth was a bully & savored sneering & scorning anyone he met. He was surprised to see a tubby little colorful caterpillar bantering away with all the visitors on the herb. From then onward, Mr. Moth started coming to Mama Rue herb e…