Matryoshka Baboshka

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....

             Up in an ol'house attic              Of granny's l'll girl antic              Were toys & antiques              Of Curio & dolls cryptic 
             Among the trinkets              To play and chewits              Was a gift thought with &              Packed for her in a box tight knit
            In the casket was babushka             With a note left on matryoshka             This will help when you're eight             And guide even when eighty-eight             Seven dolls are seven sins             Nestled one each within             Weighing on heart deep in             Layered in all living brings
            The eighth doll is for hope              It helps in life to cope             To walk this life on a tight rope              And balance it with a pole of hope
             Belief's bring forth all the peril              And faith fights back all the…

Lingua Franca

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....

                  How do you define  homosapiens? .....Memories....which in turn builds up the algorithm that defines us. If 00001111 defines one person, then a variation of 00010111 defines the other. That fault in the algorithm are the defining moments around which each one of us develops a personality to function, to respond and act to a given command.                    If memories are the defining force, pablum is the driving force. World runs on and for vittles and victuals. The variety of grubs and cuisines are the proof.                   If you look at it in a strictly technical sense....unless if electricity wouldn't  have had been invented, an electronic brain wouldn't have been invented. Our viceral force drives us. Confirm it from our great great great great great ........................................................................great ancestors.                   Th…

Ryan - The Rock : 5th in series of Life Is Magical

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share....
Ryan – the Rock

This is not a story about a ghost.
Story of Ryan-The Rock alternates between past and present times as our protagonist Ryan reflects back to his childhood and nonce. This book is dedicated to my dad who is the best storyteller ever. My childhood was spent listening to stories that we insisted be repeated over and over again. His unique storytelling style with pauses for yawns would invariably lull us to sleep during bed time. I still am intrigued if yawning was an innuendo for us kids that it’s time to sleep or would my dad actually auto-suggest himself to sleep. 😊 Reading to kids or telling them stories is the best way of learning.

Chapter I Ghost Is In Your Mind

                I look forward to these evenings that turn the sky gold. Trees are sieving the rays of fading sun, shading the earth in shades of dark and light alternatingly, as if playing peek-a-boo with the d…

Crochet Door Hanger : Original free pattern

Door Hanger

ch - chain sl st - slip stitch dc - double crochet ch sp - chain space sc - single crochet yo - yarn over ps - puff stitch       ( yo insert hook in ch, pull up yarn, repeat 5 times, sl st, ch 1)

Yarn : caron simply soft or worsted weight yarn
Hook: 5mm H hook

row 1 : chain 90
row 2 : in the second ch from hook make dc, dc in each stitch to the end (89)
row 3 : 10dc, ch1 sk1,* 16dc, ch1 sk 1* rep 3 more times, 10dc
row 4 : 9 dc, * ch1 sk1 dc ch1 sk1,14dc*rep 3 more times, 9dc
row 5 : 8dc, *ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc, ch1sk1, 12dc* rep 3 more times, 8dc
row 6 : 7dc, *ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1, 10dc*rep 3 more times, 7dc , row 7 : 6dc, *ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1 dc ch1sk1, 8dc* rep 3 more times, 6dc
row 8 : rep row 6
row 9 : rep row 5
row 10 : rep row 4
row 11 : rep row 3
row 12 : rep row 2

row 13 : make 6 puff stitch followed by 10 ch fasten off               rep 2 more times
            *attach yarn in the next chain space, make 12 puf…

Crochet Soap Saver : Free Pattern

Crochet Soap Saver
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Ch1sp – chain one space
St - stitch

Row 1 : chain 9
Row 2: sc in second ch from hook , sc in each st around (8sc)
Row 3 & 4: ch1 turn sc in each st(8sc)
Row 5: sc in each st around even into the side 3 rows (22sc)
Row 6: sc in each st around (22sc)
Row 7: sc, ch1, sk next sc, sc in next sc around (11sc)
Row 8: sc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk sc and sc in next ch1 sp (11sc)
Row 9 to 15: alternate row 7 & 8 (11sc)
Row 16 & 17: sc in each st around (22sc)
Row 18: sc in next sc, ch2, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc (8sc)
Row 19 & 20: sc in each stitch around. Cut the yarn, Fasten off

Interweave lace in row 18. Tie a bead to secure the lace.

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The Confounded Love!

Crochet artist who is an avid reader, who contemplates & scribbles her thoughts to share.....

The Confounded Love

The worst nightmare of information age is not, not being updated every second with new dossier of reports of every chapter & verse but it's the befog resulting from it. 
          Endless......faze of confute.....
          Not to patronize but looks like everyone is in a race to be out there unfortunately that is only a tip of iceberg that we see. Majority of unseen part is the question what are we in race against?

Attention Theory
In wanting of attention we internalize what we actually are to what we present to the world consciously.

       The Freudian reasoning behind our huge portion of unconscious  is : in simple terms we relate to what we feel rather than Y are we feeling it. It's too much work besides the blinding weight that feelings bring with them.

Reward Theory          One such misinterpreted & heavily misunderstood term is 'love yourself'. …

LambBorghini....crochet stuffed toy

Stuffed Crochet Toy

1 ball white novelty yarn
1 ball white blanket yarn
1 ball grey bamboo yarn
black embroidery yarn
play glasses (optional)
2.5mm crochet hook
2 set of small eyes

st(s) stitches
cr     center ring(2 ch, work the specified number of stitches into the second st from the hook)
ch    chain stitich
t-ch  turn chain stitch
sl st  slip stitch
dc    double crochet
sc 2 tog  2dc work together
2 dc inc  increase 2dc in one stitch

Body: with novelty yarn
1)cr with 6 dc                              6
2)2dc in eacch st                         12
3)1dc, 2dc inc to end                  18
4)2dc, 2dc inc to end                  24
5)3dc, 2dc inc to end                  30
6)4dc, 2dc inc to end                  36
7)5dc, 2dc inc to end                  42
8 to 13                                        42 dc
14)5dc, dc 2tog to end               36
15)4dc, dc 2tog to end               30
17)3dc, dc 2tog to end               24
18)2dc, dc2tog t…